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The buy-in price is $9.00 a pack,( 1 early bird, 7 regular games, 3 specials, and 1 bonanza = 1 pack) 

Lke Us on Facebook. May-June special, 2nd set free on Friday as well as Tuesday, also a free set of specials for Wednesday and Thursday night sessions! 

Thank you all who came out for our Friday Frenzie. We hope you had a good time. The next one will be in August.


 Welcome to Nampa Bingo! "Where Winning is an Attitude!"

The liberty will now be played as a percentage game and will pay the same whether it is won on the top, middle, or bottom face. It is still going to pay more than the blue special which will still pay special game pay..

The Hot ball will now be played as two separate prizes for both organizations, please see the HOT BALL tab for additional information.

Nampa Bingo is a private social bingo club that offers FREE membership for LIFE. Nampa Bingo is partnered with Giving Hand Bingo and The Columbians of Nampa Inc, All three are non-profit charitable organizations that have contributed millions of dollars to charity in our community throughout the years. We are located at 2900 E. Railroad Street in Nampa Idaho.  You can reach us by phone at 208-465-7522.

You will find on this page a variety of resources, including our Game Schedule, How to Play, and current and upcoming Promotions. 


The Buy In

The basic buy in starts at $9.00. The set consists of:

  • All Regular Games
  • All Special Games
  • 1 "Bonanza"

You can play as many sets as you can handle. We offer electronic handsets to play as well, you can load up to 9 sets of games.

The "Tab-E" sets cost $5.00 to rent plus the cost of your games. You can play on the machine, on paper or both, for the cost of renting the machine, you will receive 5 extra Bonanza cards in your machine.



Feel free to check the updated prizes for our special games - Hot Ball - Winfall - Lucky Star - Bonanza - Large Letter X - and our other promotions - above. These will be updated every night.




What we offer:

  • Full Service Kitchen
  • Smoking and Non Smoking Section
  • Alcohol Free Environment
  • Smoke Eater System- Reduces the smell
  • Convenience Monitors
  • Full Service Idaho Lottery Quick Picks, Scratch Tickets and Pull Tabs
  • Fast Friendly Service!



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